Craniosacral Therapy for babies

When working with infants, I start by taking the health history which includes details from conception, the pregnancy journey and of course the birth story. This gives valuable information and context to the baby's first experience of the world.

Babies are fully clothed and will often be happy to feed during the treatment. A typical session for an infant lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour and after the first treatment, I will assess and recommend when baby should return for follow up. Mums will often notice that feeding changes during the session as baby becomes much more relaxed and indeed Mum will often feel much more relaxed also. As babies’ bodies are highly malleable, they generally rebalance and resolve issues with ease so sessions are short and fewer are needed in comparison to adults.

Common issues which normally present in my practice would include feeding and latching issues, colic, reflux, digestive problems, sleep issues, head moulding, muscle imbalances causing side preferences (including torticollis) and irritability.

My fee for Children is €65. Sessions last between 45 minutes and 1 hour and require a 48 Hour cancellation to avoid a full charge. This serves to cover the costs of running a small business and as security against the uncertainties of life. If a replacement for your session is found, the cancellation fee is waived. I ask that only one parent accompany their child in the treatment room.

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